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E2 provides a range of sports activities as part of its core offer for young people in the Beaumont Leys and Abbey Wards of Leicester. We know that keeping fit and active is essential for young people to reduce the impact of health issues that are all too common in our communities for example our areas have a significantly higher prevalence in regards to: ‘Health Challenges - These areas contain the population with the greatest levels of illness and consequently, those with the greatest health challenges and risky behaviours now and in the past’ Leicester HNN Profile_DRAFT version 3, 30/07/2021



 Sports activities currently happening

Young people taking part in physical activities

Improving health and fitness with Boxfit
Boxfit is a free fitness session for 5-16 yr olds. No experience is necessary and you can register young people HERE.
Each session is based on a first-come-first-served basis and you can book on by getting free tickets from Eventbrite that be obtained HERE
Alternatively, you can call 0116 2359481 or turn up on the day as a ‘walk-in’ (places are not guaranteed). 

 Sports activities we previously delivered


Holiday Hunger and Food Programme 2021 - Summer Holidays/Easter Break

E2 facilitated and delivered 126 hours of sports-related activities over the summer holidays and 80 hours of sports-related activities during the Easter break in 2021. We provided over 60 free places each day of the summer holiday and 30 free places each day during the Easter break holidays for disadvantaged young people aged 5-16 yrs. All of our sessions included the provision of food to reduce holiday hunger. The opportunities to engage with sport included football, basketball, and boxing activities through our partner Unity Boxing Club. Our activities also included a visit for 20 young people to Ninja Warrior which was a physical activity-based at an indoor arena that is similar to the TV show Wipeout.

 Football sessions at DMU’s Beaumont Park  Young people ready to start Ninja Warrior  Ninja Warrior in Leicester

This scheme has now ended and will resume at Christmas 2021

 Sports Activities we will deliver - Coming soon

Football - We plan to develop more football sessions and utilise De Montfort University’s Beaumont Park football pitches as we did over the summer and Easter holidays in 2021 and all throughout the year prior to the Covid pandemic in 2019. Our football sessions are always popular and due to the high costs of other football provisions, especially for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, we fully intend to bring these back on a regular basis as soon as we can. All of our football sessions will be free for participants.

Roller Skating - We have seen our Beaumont Leys Partner: Mini Rollers offer a really successful roller skating provision on Saturdays and young people have asked if we can develop our own roller skating project that they can attend for free during the week and throughout the holidays. All of our roller skating sessions will be free for participants. Watch this space!

Community Sports Facility - After a large consultation in 2018 with young people, parents and residents we found that the biggest thing that is missing in our area is a community sports facility. We worked with DMU students to create some designs, drawings, and architectural plans based on what people said they wanted and the area we identified as a potential location. Unfortunately, those plans were shelved because of the high cost of the project and the fact that the Covid pandemic broke out.  It is still our ambition to develop, run and maintain a community sports facility in Beaumont Leys to ensure that young people can keep fit and active while engaging in physical activities they are passionate about. We are currently in discussion with Leicester City Council about the potential of a MUGA in Beaumont Leys.


















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